Mission Statement

Light’s On Mediated Learning Centre aims to help all learners overcome the barriers that slow down both thinking and learning.  World-renowned psychologist Reuven Feuerstein’s cognitive intervention methods are built on the idea that intelligence is not fixed, but can be changed. The Feuerstein Method sharpens critical thinking, problem solving, and other skills required for learning and high academic achievement.

About Light's On

Light’s On… Mediated Learning Centre is dedicated to helping all people develop their thinking skills in a fun and collaborative way. 

Our goal…is to equip people with the skills to solve problems and be effective, active, self-motivated learners. It’s not what you know, but what you can DO with knowledge.

Our passion…is to help all people reach their full given potential as learners. 

Our methods…are based on Professor Reuven Feuerstein’s Theories of Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience. Through these methods, the brain increases in connections thereby creating new or more solid pathways. 

The results…are vast. Daily problem solving abilities are increased, and linked to academic curriculum. Communications skills and flexible strategies to overcome many challenges are developed. 

We can help…all people who want to increase their thinking skills and ability to learn. Age or ability level is less important than a desire to learn. 

Our Facilitators... are highly trained in mediation and the specialized programs used. We adhere to a high standard of professional development and conduct.